Friend4u Chatbot- A I Chatterbot Online for Turing Tests

Friend4u online won't be available anymore

If you liked her, please cast a vote for her return at below link


by the way, you can download the desktop version of Friend4u

1) First please download the zip file from this page (see attachment below, it is the brain/source code of Friend4u)

2) Download the Verbots player from here

3) make sure you have .net 2.0 (or higher) framework installed before installing Verbots player
link :

4) all done, meantime, work on ALICIA will be re-started from next month (Sept-11) onward

Thanks :)

Friend4u differs from other Chatbots by it's uniquely designed engine which creates a better turing test experience .
Creator Adarsh S (a.k.a BlueSpace)